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Collection Agency Services in BC


Looking for a collection agency to collect debt in Alberta or BC? IRS, or In House Receivable Services  specializes in secure and unsecure contingency debt collection in Alberta and British Columbia. We offer fast commercial and consumer debt collections at reasonable no collection-no fee rates.  If you need to recover an account or debt in Alberta or BC your first choice should be our collection agency.


For over 20 years, IRS has been collecting consumer and commercial debt in BC. We know the economic, legal and regulatory terrain in BC. Our collection agency services span from small consumer collections to large balance commercial debt collection. We also provide process serving, skip tracing, asset investigations and Bailiff services for BC.  Our experience and collection expertise is why so many law firms rely on our collection agency.


Discover what so many law firms already know. IIRS knows how to extract payment in a common sense, businesslike manner.  IRS is a fully licensed and bonded collection agency in BC. We also carry an additional $2 million (per incident) in liability insurance. Your reputation is in good hands when IRS is your collection agency.



Debt Collection in BC


For those not familiar with collecting debt in BC, there are some pitfalls that you should be aware of.


In BC a collection agency must be registered and licensed provincially to collect retail or commercial debt in BC. There are some minor exceptions. However, if the agency you are using is not licensed in BC, you could be subject to liability issues for their actions. These are non-issues when IRS is your collection agency.


In BC an individual or corporate debtor cannot be sued for debt if the account or invoice is more than two years old from date of last payment, or acknowledgement of debt.  In BC it is common when larger balance debt is involved for debtors to try and stall out paying for two years.  While the debt is still valid for six years in BC, it cannot be pursued in the BC civil courts if over two years old.


In BC a collection agency must send the debtor a formal 5 day notice advising the debtor they have been placed for collection. The agency is not allowed to contact the debtor until the 5 days have passed. However, the debtor can contact the agency when they want. Also in BC, if a debtor tells a collection agency to cease verbal contact, then the agency must cease calling.  There are many other laws and minor regulations in BC that affect a collection agency.



Our Services Cover All of BC


IRS collection services cover all of BC. We collect consumer and commercial debt for numerous companies and industries in BC. Whether you need accounts receivable outsourcing or a simple contingency debt collection, IRS should be your preferred collection agency.


For those outside BC here are some of the major cities and regions in British Columbia: 


Need a Collection Agency in BC?


Whether your company is in BC or another province you should give us a call. An IRS collection professional will be able to show you how we can turn your debt into fast bankable dollars. You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation with our collection agency.