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Looking for a collection agency in Kamloops, the Okanagan, Alberta or British Columbia?  IRS, or In-House Receivable Services, offers contingency, or no collection-no fee, commercial and consumer debt collection services in the Kamloops area including, Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Logan Lake, Merritt and Salmon Arm, BC. Superior debt collection results, low contingency rates and fast professional service is why so many Alberta - BC Law Firms and companies rely on our collection agency

IRS is a fully licensed, bonded and insured collection agency. We also offer Bailiff, process serving and skip tracing services. Our agency has been in business for over 20 years and we have an in house lawyer should the need arise. Whatever your collection needs may be, you should consider our collection agency. 

When to Place a Debt for Collection

Collection statistics clearly show the longer a debt is overdue, the lower the percentage of a successful collection.  Usually, there are numerous warning signs that your customer is having financial difficulties. However, many companies will hold on to bad accounts because they want to save on the cost of collection.


It always pays to keep the following in mind: It is better to collect X% of something, than 100% of nothing by holding on to the account too long before placing it for collection.   

A common strategy used by debtors is to use stall tactics so eventually the debt is over 2 years old. In Alberta and BC, debt is considered Statute Barred from legal action, after the last invoice date has passed two (2) years without payment. Unless the debtor has acknowledged the debt in writing, the debt can no longer be pursued through the BC civil courts. This tactic is commonly used by debtors evading large balance debt. 

Why IRS should be your Collection Agency

IRS has a proven track record for superior debt recovery.  Our experienced consumer and commercial debt collectors know how to extract payment in a highly professional manner, without complaints. We have some of the best skip tracers in the industry who are experts in locating debtors and assets. Results is the main reason so many of our Clients rely on our agency

IRS offers a wide range of debt collection services. Whatever type of receivables you may have, IRS can put together the right combination of cost efficient services to boost your recoveries and bottom line. Give us a call, or schedule your free consultation with our Collection Agency.