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Collection Agency Services in Nanaimo


Tired of waiting to get paid? IRS, or In House Receivable Services, offers collection agency services with reasonable contingency, no collection–no fee, rates for consumer, legal and commercial debt collection in Nanaimo. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured Alberta - BC collection company and our head office is in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.  You can expect superior service and fast debt recoveries with our collection agency.


Our collection company offers a wide array of credit and debt collection services in BC.  Whatever the type or size of your accounts receivable portfolio, IRS can provide you with the right combination of services to shrink your accounts receivable days outstanding (DSO), speed up your cash flow and reduce bad debt.


Whether you need a single account or an entire commercial portfolio collected, you can count on cost effective services with our collection agency.   



Debt Collection in Nanaimo


Nanaimo has a diverse range of commercial companies and industries such as high tech, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, marine, forestry and tourism.  In the middle of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is also a transportation hub.  Nanaimo also has one of the two major Vancouver Island ferry terminals that connect the island with the BC mainland.  With such a diverse commercial economy it pays to use an experienced commercial collection agency.


Consumer and commercial collection agencies are heavily regulated in BC.  Debt that warrants legal action can be pursued through BC Small Claims Court (less than $35K), or the BC Supreme Court for higher balances. In either case, IRS has several retained lawyers to minimize costs and maximize efficiency, yet another advantage when IRS is your collection agency.



IRS IS NOT Your Typical Collection Agency


We are not the type of collection agency that harasses debtors and threatens to sue them fifty times, but never does.   Our legal collectors are highly trained collection professional  who can utilize legal leverage to get you paid. This is why many BC law farms rely on our agency to collect large balance debt and Judgements.


Our primary goal is collecting your account in full, as fast as possible. If an account is dead on arrival, with no remote possibility of collection recovery, we will immediately let you know.  With our agency, collectors keep you in the loop as the collection recovery progresses. Some agencies have large reporting departments, while at IRS, you receive progress updates directly from the collector handling the account.  


For corporate Clients our company offers the option of 24/7 online access to your collection files. Our advanced collection system allows you to view the progress being made on any of your accounts, in real time.  Online access also enables you to list accounts directly into our system, saving time and the need for emails. IRS uses time saving technology to enhance communications between you and our collection agency.  



Time to Recover Your Receivable?


Debating on using a collection agency for the first time? Give us a call and one of our collection experts can answer any questions or concerns you may have. The fastest way to get your money is with an experienced collection agency.


If looking to replace your current agency, give us a call to compare rates and services. You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation with an experienced BC collection agency.