Fort St John Collection Services



Collection Agency Services in Peace River Country


In-House Receivable Services, or IRS, offers consumer and commercial debt collection services in the Peace River region of BC, including Fort St John, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Hudson Hope, Pouce Coupe, Taylor and Tumbler Ridge. IRS is a fully licensed, bonded and insured Alberta and BC collection agency. For over 20 years we have been providing fast credit and debt collection services at reasonable rates. Superior service is a given with our collection agency.


Fort St John is the central transportation and distribution hub for the Peace River country. IRS has extensive experience and results collecting the following types of industry debt: oil and gas, forestry, logging, trucking, agriculture, lumber mills, related lumber services and other industries. Many Peace River law firms rely on our contingency collections, skip tracing and other law firm services offered by our collection agency.  



Contingency Debt Collection


IRS offers consumer and commercial contingency, no collection-no fee, debt collection services. In BC, a collection agency must provide an individual or corporate debtor with a five day written notice. At IRS, we provide our Clients with a progress update, within a week, on accounts with a balance of over $1000. IRS is not your run of the mill collection agency.    


Our contingency collection services span from small balance consumer accounts to large balance commercial debt collection. Our experienced collectors are experts in extracting payment. We also have a sophisticated credit and collection infrastructure. Large volume creditors have our 24/7 online option of monitoring the progress on their accounts in real time, with our collection agency.



Credit and Collection Services


In addition to debt collection our agency offers skip tracing, process serving, Bailiff and asset investigation services. IRS also provides services such as credit reporting, credit screening, risk mitigation, accounts receivable outsourcing and numerous other credit and collection services.

Whatever your credit and collection needs may be, the right combination of services can probably reduce your costs and reduce risk.We are a full service collection agency.


Skip tracing is the art of locating people and-or assets. IRS has some of the most highly skilled skip tracers in Canada.  Skip tracing and asset investigations are included free of charge on any collection account you list with our collection agency. 



Law Firm Services


IRS also specializes in Law Firm Services. Many BC law firms rely on us to collect on Judgements, defendant and witness locates, asset investigations and accounts receivable outsourcing.  The biggest advantage of our agency outsourcing services is law firms can free up valuable and expensive staff for tasks that actually generate new billings and revenue.


Consistent cash flow, dispute resolutions and a thorough knowledge of the BC civil court systems is why many law firms outsource their accounts receivable to our collection agency. If you are with a law firm in the Peace River country, it is definitely worth your time to see how you can improve your firm’s efficiency and cash flow with our collection agency.



Need a Collection Agency?


Then give us a call and one of our collection professionals, with decades of collection experience, can answer any questions or concerns you may have about collecting debt in Alberta or British Columbia.  You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation with our collection agency.