Cranbrook Collection Services


Collection Agency Services in the Kootenays

In-House Receivable Services, or IRS, offers commercial and consumer collection agency services in the East Kootenay region including Cranbrook, Dawson Creek, Creston, Elkford, Fernie, Invermere, Kimberly, Radium and Sparwood, BC.  IRS is a fully licensed, bonded and insured third party collection agency in Alberta and British Columbia. Our agency offers reasonable no collection-no fee rates , superior service and fast recoveries for consumer and commercial debt collection.  


Cranbrook is the major financial and transportation hub in the east Kootenay region of British Columbia. For over 20 years IRS has been providing collection agency services for the following industries in the Kootenays:  lumber and wood products, forestry, heavy duty machinery and equipment, metal fabrication, food and beverage, mining, manufacturing, transportation and other related industries. Whether your company is in the Kootenays, or you need to collect a debt in the Kootenays, it pays to discover why so many companies rely on our collection agency.



Contingency Debt Collection Services


IRS offers fair and reasonable no-collection-no fee, or contingency commission rates. Collection commission rates are based on the type, age and balance of the account or debt being collected. We only charge commissions on actual monies collected.  We also provide contingency debt collection services for many Law Firms in the Kootenays.  In many cases, our agency knows all about your debtor, as they were previously placed for collection with our collection agency.


While many consumer collection agencies claim they know how to collect commercial debt, IRS is well known for our expertise as a commercial collection agency.  We also offer other related credit and collection services.  When you list with IRS you are being represented by seasoned collection professionals who know how to extract the money you are owed. Our collectors use common sense and experience combined with a solid knowledge base of the Alberta and BC laws and regulations to ensure a successful collection.   



Related Debt Collection Services


IRS is not your average collection agency. We also offer skip tracing and asset investigation services. Skip tracing is the art of locating people and assets. We have some of the best skip tracers in Canada, which is why we do so many locates for companies and law firms.  We offer low, no locate-no fee pricing. Skip tracing is automatically included with our commission rates, free of charge, when you list an account with our collection agency.


Our skip tracers are also highly skilled asset investigators. Many debtors and defendants hide their assets. There is no point in suing a large balance account if there are no assets to go after.  When collecting debt it is always wise to look before initiating legal action. Asset investigations are automatically included with our commission rates, free of charge, when you list an account for collection with our collection agency.  



Debt Collection is Time Sensitive


For visitors outside of Alberta or BC, keep in mind there is a 2 year Statute Of Limitations on suing for debt in Alberta and British Columbia. In BC you cannot pursue legal action when a debt exceeds 2 years from the date of last payment, or acknowledgement of debt.  It is common for debtors to stall out past the 2 year limit. You will find more information here on this statute and the civil court systems in BC.


Debt does not age well, especially in BC. Give us a call or take advantage of our free no obligation consultation with our collection agency.