Langley Debt Collection



Collection Agency Services in Langley


IRS, or In House Receivable Services, provides collection agency services in Langley. We are a consumer and B2B, or commercial collection agency in Alberta and BC.  Our agency delivers superior consumer and commercial debt collection results.  We offer contingency, no collection – no fee, collection services at reasonable rates.  For over 20 years our collection agency has been serving BC and Langley. Whether replacing your current agency or looking for an agency for the first time, you should consider our collection agency.   


Langley is a major transportation hub for distribution, warehousing and trucking in BC. IRS recovers freight and shipping debt. We also collect marine shipping debt for demurrage, container fees, detention fees, rail shifting fees and many other types of shipping debt.  Our expertise in freight debt recovery is why so many law firms and transportation companies rely on our collection agency.  


Our Client base includes agriculture, manufacturing, construction, greenhouse, oil and gas, wholesale and many other retail and commercial industries.  IRS excels in collecting large balance consumer and commercial debt.  If you are in Langley, or need to collect in Langley, IRS should be your preferred collection agency.



Debt Extraction Expertise


You can rely on IRS to preserve your reputation when our agency extracts payment from your delinquent customers. Our seasoned collectors know the economic landscape in Langley and BC. Instead of collection complaints, we deliver fast recoveries you can put in the bank. Debt collection is an art and our collection techniques ensure you don’t have to worry about negative blow back when IRS is your collection agency.


In addition to contingency debt collection, our agency provides related collection services. This includes skip tracing, process serving, Bailiff services, accounts receivable outsourcing and many other specialized collection services. Flexibility is just another reason why so many small and large businesses rely on IRS as their primary collection agency.   



Collection Agency Results


IRS is not your typical agency. We don’t need a huge reporting department because our collectors call and correspond directly with our Client contacts. After all, who knows better what is happening with an account than the actual collector handling the collection. When collection volumes warrant, we offer 24/7 online access to your collection files


With our 24/7 online access you can see the progress on your collection file in real time. You can also create your own statistical reports to get the collection recovery statistics you need in the format you need. With our online access you can also list new accounts online and save a lot of time.IRS is a full service collection agency.


Debt recovery is time sensitive. When volumes warrant, IRS can import digital debt collection files, saving data entry on both ends. Whatever your needs may be, IRS has a sophisticated collection agency infrastructure and can put together cost effective recovery services to improve your bottom line.



In Debt Collection Time is Money


Every day that passes decreases the odds of a successful collection. Instead of hoping a delinquent customer will pay, increase the odds of recovering your money with our collection agency. Give us a call or schedule your free recovery consultation with our collection agency.