Burnaby Debt Collection



Collection Agency Services


IRS, or In House Receivable Services, provides numerous collection agency services in Burnaby. We are a collection company that specializes in collecting Alberta and BC consumer and commercial debt. Are you looking for fast, superior debt recovery results on secure or unsecured debt collection?  Our collection agency offers competitive contingency, or no collection no fee rates, along with other related debt collection services. There are many reasons why so many law firms and companies rely on our collection agency


Collection Expertise


Our collection agency has been in operation for over 20 years. IRS collects small and large balance accounts. Our clients know that no matter how complicated a collection file may be, our agency has the level of collection expertise required to deliver a successful collection.


This is why so many Alberta and BC law firms rely on IRS to collect complex, large balance, legal debt.  Our agency collectors are highly trained professionals who know the legal systems in BC.  Our consumer and commercial debt collectors know how to extract payment without adversely affecting your reputation. Our experience and expertise in all types of debt collection is one of the main reasons so many companies prefer our collection agency


Fast Collection Results


Our agency has a sophisticated collection system infrastructure. For larger collection portfolios we offer 24/7 back end access to your accounts. Our system allows you to view the progress of your collection files in real time. Our system also has a wide range of reporting features to analyze the results of our collection agency.


When it comes to debt collection, we do not fool around. You can count on IRS to bring your debt collection files to a fast conclusion. Unlike most of our agency competitors, you can actually talk to the collector handling a specific file should the need arise. Direct communication with the collector, who knows the intricate details of a specific collection, is yet another advantage of our collection agency.     


Related Collection Agency Services


In addition to consumer and commercial debt collection, our agency offers skip tracing, process serving and Bailiff Services. IRS also offers numerous collection services such as asset investigations, pre-collection services, accounts receivable outsourcing, training and other custom services related to debt collection.  Our versatile cost effective collection solutions are another reason why so many companies rely on our collection agency.   


Whether you are looking to replace your existing agency, or looking for a collection agency for the first time, you should give IRS a call. You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation with our collection agency.