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Accounts Receivable Management 


IRS provides accounts receivable management services that are sure to improve your cash flow. IRS is based in BC and is also a fully licensed and bonded Alberta and BC collection agency. We offer In house, online and on site management for account receivables. IRS has a wide range of options for accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable expertise is the main advantage when IRS is helping you with your accounts receivable management. In addition to debt collection, we also provide skip tracing process serving, Bailiff services and law firm services. Let IRS provide you with a complete cost effective solution combined with decades of experience in accounts receivable management

All our accounts receivable management strategists have over twenty years of experience in credit and collection management.  IRS clients span from small companies to large corporate accounts receivable departments.  Our strategists are also tech savvy and know all facets of accounts receivable management.


Reduce costs – Improve Accounts Receivable efficiency 


Many business owners and receivable management staff are unaware of technology that can cut the operating costs of running their accounts receivable.  In some cases, every day run of the mill technology can dramatically reduce fixed costs. Technology expertise is included with our accounts receivable management. 


An IRS management strategist can spot accounts receivable bottlenecks a mile away. Bottlenecks choke cash flow and delay payment.   Many companies continually use outdated and inefficient procedures out of habit. These procedures compound the cost of operating their accounts receivable. Helping our client fix bottlenecks is one of our  prime objectives and included with our accounts receivable management

How Our Accounts Receivable Management Works 

Usually we analyze our client’s accounts receivable flow for bottlenecks and gaps that are killing their cash flow.  Our objective is to provide services and advice to reduce our client’s Days Outstanding, or DSO. This is the number of days from billing to when payment is received.  Every extra day an invoice is outstanding adds to the costs of operating your accounts receivable.


All you have to do is give our sales a call and talk to one of our experts in accounts receivable management.   Every client situation is unique and so is IRS. You can also schedule a free consultation on accounts receivable management.