Abbotsford Debt Recovery Services



Collection Agency Services in Abbotsford


IRS provides collection agency services in Abbotsford. We are a fully licensed Alberta and BC commercial and consumer debt recovery company that has been collecting secure and unsecured debt in Abbotsford for over 20 years. We offer fast debt recoveries at reasonable contingency (no collection no fee) rates. Numerous collection and credit related services are also available with our collection agency.


If you want your money collected as fast as possible then IRS should be your collection agency.  We collect small and large balance consumer and commercial accounts for a wide range of small and large companies in BC, Canada and the Unites States.  We also carry an additional $2 million (per incident) in liability insurance. Bailiff, process serving and skip tracing are just some of the related collection services offered by our collection agency.



Fast Debt Recovery


Time is a major factor in debt collection, especially when collecting commercial debt.  Our primary objective is to get your account paid in full, as fast as possible. Our agency collectors utilize a calm and firm businesslike approach to collections. Preserving your reputation, while extracting payment, is standard procedure at our collection agency.


IRS consumer and commercial collectors work with dedicated skip tracers to speed up the collection recovery process.  Our skip tracers are experts in locating debtors and assets. Combining these skills dramatically speeds up the collection process, which is why fast debt recovery is the norm at our collection agency.



Debt Collection in Abbotsford


IRS has decades of collection recovery experience in aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, retail, financial services, warehousing, B2B wholesale distribution and agriculture related industries.  These are the predominate industries in Abbotsford.  Every industry has its unique set of collection and credit logistics.  Our extensive accounts receivable experience in different industries is a major reason why so many companies rely on our collection agency.  


When it comes to consumer debt collection, our agency knows the local economic and employment landscape in Abbotsford. We know which industries are booming and which ones are not. When an evasive debtor with particular skills moves to another company, we know where to look.  Knowing the local terrain gives our collection agency an edge for faster debt recovery.



Collection Agency Rates


Collection agency rates are determined by the type of debt, amount of the debt and the age of a debt.  Bulk rates are also available for creditors with larger volumes of accounts they need collected. Consumer collection rates are generally higher than commercial collection rates. These are the basic variables used to determine the rates charged by a collection agency.


There are other factors not mentioned above so the best way to get an instant rate quote is to give us a call.   



Time to Get Your Receivable Paid?


The longer an account is overdue, the lower the odds for getting paid. The sad reality is most people ignore their gut instinct to place an account for collection and instead, procrastinate. Usually, the best solution is to listen to your gut instinct and place the account with a professional collection agency.  


Give us a call and an IRS collection expert can start you on your way to getting paid. You can also schedule your free no obligation  consultation with our collection agency.