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Accounts Receivable Outsourcing 


Accounts receivable outsourcing may be the smartest financial move you ever make. Outsourcing your accounts receivable and debt collection can reduce your fixed costs and increase revenues. There are many ways IRS services can improve your bottom line and efficiency with our accounts receivable outsourcing

Accounts receivable outsourcing is not for everyone. However, for some businesses, outsourcing their receivable accounts will propel them to the next level. Outsourcing frees up valuable human resources and efficiency to increase sales and generate more revenue.  In many instances, small, medium and large companies can utilize outsourcing to lower their operating costs and operate more efficiently. There are different levels of accounts receivable outsourcing. 

Outsourcing Options 


There are numerous options available with accounts receivable outsourcing. IRS offers partial and full service options when you outsource your accounts. IRS handles consumer-retail and commercial accounts receivables. We offer outsourcing options that can fill any gaps you may have, or we can handle your entire accounts receivable. 

Here are just a couple of the options that are available with IRS accounts receivable outsourcing: 

Accounts Receivable Credit Screening


Many bad debt write offs are from accounts that should not have been granted credit in the first place. Proper credit screening identifies bad risks and customers that need stricter terms. When a new customer requests a credit line the process is simple when you outsource. 

First of all, we will make sure your credit agreement protects your best interests. With provincial regulations and collection laws constantly changing many credit agreements are obsolete. An obsolete credit agreement can be very expensive should you have to go to court on a large balance account only to have your case dismissed because of a technicality. Screening new credit applicants is one of the most important steps in managing accounts receivable. 


Outsourcing your credit screening process with IRS will simplify your credit granting.  We provide you with a comprehensive credit report and the salient details about your new credit customer. The depth of the report varies according to the credit limit requested.  We do the leg work and assemble the facts so you can make an educated decision whether to grant credit and the limit they can charge to their account. 

In cases of large balance accounts it is wise to do periodic credit screening. This includes accounts where industry news and other sources indicate a customer is slowly going out of business.  Credit screening is just one of the options available with our accounts receivable outsourcing.


Accounts Receivable Collections


Outsourcing accounts receivable collections has several variants. We can collect your more serious delinquent accounts on a contingency basis. IRS also offers pre collection services at preferred rates where we handle the collection of all your current and past due accounts receivable.


Some companies choose to outsource their entire accounts receivable operations, including billing. In most cases IRS can handle your entire accounts receivable more efficiently and at a lower cost. The savings and improved efficiencies can be phenomenal when you outsource your entire accounts receivable.


IRS Accounts Receivable Outsourcing 


The two options listed above barely cover the basics of accounts receivable outsourcing.  An IRS professional can help identify your needs and provide cost effective solutions. Accounts receivable is the heart of any business that grants credit. Explore the options of IRS accounts receivable outsourcing.


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