Judgment Collections



Judgment Debt Collection in BC 


For over 20 years, our debt collection agency has provided Judgment collection services in BC.  Our collection agency collects British Columbia Small Claims and Supreme Court Judgments. We offer competitive rates and superior results for consumer and commercial debt collections. IRS is a fully licensed Alberta and BC collection agency

Unfortunately, many people sue blindly and assume a Judgment means they automatically get paid. They secure a Judgment but the debtor still refuses to pay their debt. In other cases the debtor’s situation has changed for the worse, or they have moved assets during the time period it took to get the Judgement.  Our agency has a proven track record collecting under these and other circumstances, to satisfy a Judgment. 

Our experienced legal collectors and seasoned skip tracers are why you can expect superior results from our collection agency. We are experts in Pre and post Judgment asset investigations and debt collection. IRS is not your typical collection agency. 

Our collection agency knows the legal landscape and legal levers in BC to effectively collect Judgment debt. If you need to collect on a Judgement, then IRS should be your preferred collection agency.


Judgments in BC 


There are two civil court systems in BC for debt collection. There is Small Claims Court, which has a ceiling of $30K and the British Columbia Supreme Court for larger balance collections.  Often when collecting on a Judgment it is imperative to act quickly before a debtor’s liquid or physical assets disappear. At IRS our  lawyers expedite time sensitive Judgment collections for our collection agency

Judgements from other provinces can be transferred or registered in BC. At IRS our in house lawyer takes care of the details if your Judgment is from another province.  Yet another advantage when IRS is your collection agency. 

Post Judgment debt collection requires attention to details and extensive knowledge of the BC legal system. There are numerous legal levers that can be used to extract payment from a debtor.  Asset skip tracing is included with the Judgment collection services offered by our collection agency.  

Need to collect on a Judgment? 


Then you should give us a call. Instead of leaving your Judgement in a filing cabinet, IRS may be able to turn that Judgement into cash. You can also schedule a free consultation with our collection agency.