Outsourcing Services



The Advantages of Outsourcing


IRS, or In-House Receivable Services, provides outsourcing services to Law Firms. Outsourcing part, or all, of your Law Firmís accounts receivable speeds up collections and increases your cash flow.  Skip locate tracing and asset investigation tracing delivers cost effective immediate results for you, your Client and your bottom line.  When you outsource, your valuable paralegal staff now has time to generate new productive billing hours.  Increased billing hours, reduced costs and faster, quality results are the main advantages of legal outsourcing.


Outsourcing frees up precious human resources so Law Firms can devote more billable time and attention to their Clients.  Law Firms specializing in specific areas of law can really benefit from outsourcing.  IRS has over two decades of experience helping Law Firms improve their profitability and efficiency with our cost effective outsourcing.  


IRS offers three flexible types of legal outsourcing:



Accounts Receivable Outsourcing


The reality is that many Law Firms simply do not have the time, resources or expertise to diligently maintain and collect their own accounts receivable.  The older an account gets, the harder it is to collect because of the motivation to pay gratuity scale. This is why many of our Law Firm Clients outsource their tardy accounts that are over sixty days old.  


Many Law Firms use their accounts receivable as financing collateral. Most lenders use a sliding scale to determine the actual value of an accounts receivable portfolio.  In turn, Law Firms absorb additional monthly interest costs, while the value of their receivables-collateral decline. The best solution in this situation is to take advantage of our accounts receivable collection outsourcing.


IRS understands the legal complexities involved with a lawyer-Client relationship. We are collection experts who know how to extract payment, without any blowback. We understand the sensitive nature of legal outsourcing.



Locate Tracing Outsourcing


There is nothing sadder than a highly paid and highly skilled paralegal scrambling to locate an evasive defendant, witness or party that needs to be served.  What a wastes of talent and money when the solution is just a phone call away. IRS has experienced legal tracers that stealthily locate people and assets.


IRS also offers emergency rush locates with our outsourcing. You know, those situations where a party needs to be served, like yesterday, and they are nowhere to be found.  For a minimal rush fee we will have one of our tracers drop everything and locate the person as fast as possible. There are a lot of extra perks that go with IRS outsourcing.



Asset Tracing Outsourcing


One of the most dreaded tasks with a Law Firm is telling a Client they have a dry Judgment.  Often with legal files there is a strong suspicion the defendant is hiding assets. Here is where IRS has an edge over other tracing companies. IRS is also a licensed Alberta and BC collection agency, which means we have access to information that Law Firms and other tracing companies simply do not have.


IRS has decades of experience tracking down liquid and physical assets.  Evasive people often create elaborate scams to hide their assets. However, the odds are we have seen their scam before.  Our tracers know how to quietly extract valuable information and turn your legal action into a success.


Instead of suing blindly because your Client insists, and hoping for the best, consider IRS outsourcing. An asset investigation will reveal whether the defendant has anything worth going after.  Sometimes the best advice you can give a Client is not to sue.



Want to Know More About Outsourcing?


Give us a call and a seasoned recovery expert can answer any questions you have about our Law Firm outsourcing.  You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on our services and outsourcing.