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Commercial Credit Debt Collection 


IRS, or In House Receivable Services, is an Alberta and BC commercial collection agency with 20 plus years of experience in commercial credit and commercial debt collection. Our commercial credit services span from single contingency based collections to entire commercial accounts receivable outsourcing. We provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. If you are searching for seasoned, no nonsense, commercial credit recovery in Alberta or BC, then you should definitely consider our collection agency.   


Commercial credit is a much more complex receivable to collect than a consumer debt. Terms and conditions can vary from industry to industry. For many large and small businesses extending commercial credit is essential to compete in their market.  Every company is unique and requires different collection services. Our collection agency has decades of experience with every type of industry imaginable and our agency knows commercial credit.


As is standard with larger commercial credit portfolios, IRS carries an additional $2 million (per incident) of liability insurance. Our agency has several lawyers on retainer and a sophisticated credit and collection infrastructure.  We can also import files digitally from whatever type of file format you are using. For Clients with multiple accounts we offer 24/7 online access so they can monitor the collection progress being made on their accounts in real time.   With our online access you can save time and list new accounts online, 24/7, with our collection agency .


Commercial Credit Collection Services


IRS offers a full suite of commercial credit collection services: Contingency debt collections, commercial credit screening, commercial accounts receivable management, accounts receivable outsourcing, commercial credit training, corporate skip tracing, asset investigations, Bailiff services and the list goes on. IRS is not your average commercial collection agency.  


IRS has a deep pool of commercial credit and collection expertise. Our collection agency has numerous Alberta and BC Law Firms that rely on us to collect large balance consumer and commercial Judgments, as well as complicated high balance commercial accounts. We know the legal and regulatory landscape and the legal levers to extract payment.  If you need to collect a high balance consumer or commercial debt in Alberta or BC, then you definitely should contact our collection agency.


For Potential Clients Outside BC - Alberta


Commercial debt collection in Alberta and British Columbia is highly government regulated. Collection agencies are audited yearly and there are strict guidelines. However, a collection agency in BC is able to access information databases that even lawyers can’t. Most collection agencies in Alberta and BC handle consumer debt collection and do not have all the commercial credit investigation tools for collecting commercial debt.

There is a two year statute of limitation on suing accounts in Alberta and BC. If a debt is older than two years, or over two years from the date of last acknowledgement of debt, then you cannot sue for payment.  There are exceptions but few and far between.  The debt is still valid for six years, but cannot be pursued through the civil courts. Keep the two year limitation in mind when debating on whether to list an Alberta or BC commercial credit account with a collection agency.


BC has probably the most efficient Small Claims Court in Canada. Debt over $35.000 must be pursued through the British Columbia Supreme Court.  There are many restricted and unrestricted online data information registries in BC.


Federally, Canada has privacy laws with teeth. Information and the laws governing credit information in Canada, are far more restrictive than the United States. If you use a collection agency that is not licensed and bonded in Alberta or BC, you can be held liable for any inappropriate actions of that agency. To avoid any liability issues , it is wise to use a fully licensed collection agency.   


Need to Recover Commercial Debt?


Give us a call and a seasoned commercial credit expert can answer any question you may have about collecting your debt in BC. You can also schedule a free no obligation commercial credit consultation with our collection agency.