Agency Collection Services 


IRS is a fully licensed agency that provides debt collection services in Alberta and BC. Agency services include contingency debt collection, process serving, skip tracing and Bailiff Services. Our company is one of the few agencies in Alberta and BC that offer a full suite of collection services. Our full range of services is why so many law firms and creditors rely on our agency for debt collection


Many people are not aware of the different services involved with collecting debt. For an agency to effectively collect usually requires a combination of services. Every Client and collection is unique. Also, the amount being collected can influence the services used by our agency. 


IRS Collection Services 


Here are just some of the basic services IRS offers for debt collection: 

  • Contingency Debt Collection. We can collect your receivables on a no collection-no fee basis. Commission rates vary according to age and the amount to be collected. 
  • Skip Tracing is the art of locating people and assets. Skip tracing is included with our contingency debt collection services. Many of our Clients use our skip tracing service to locate a debtor; find a secured asset and a variety of other situations. 
  • Process Serving is another service we offer. This involves serving a plaintiff or defendant with legal documents.  Our services also include Affidavits of Service. 
  • Legal Debt Collection Services are available with IRS. We also have an in house lawyer to ensure quick and swift action on your account. Often skip tracing and asset tracing services are integrated with our legal collection process. 
  • Bailiff Services involves seizing assets secured under PPSAs, Repairers Liens, lease Agreements, Mechanics Liens, etc. If you need to execute on a secured asset then you can count on IRS. 


Law Firm Services 


Law firm services are another area IRS excels in. The reason so many Alberta and BC law firms rely on IRS for debt collection is because our agency has the expert services to cover any situation that comes up. Results are the prime reason why law firms prefer IRS for debt collection.


Need Debt Collection Services?


Give us a call and an IRS collection expert can answer any questions regarding debt collection. You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on debt collection