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Pre Judgment Debt Collection 


IRS provides legal collection services for collecting BC Small Claims, Alberta Small Claims, BC Supreme Court and Court of Queens Bench Judgments.  We offer pre legal and post Judgment debt collection services at reasonable rates with superior results. There are many reasons why Alberta and BC Law Firms rely on IRS for pre and post Judgment debt collection.


Many people assume getting a Judgment means the debtor will voluntarily pay. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it is wise to research before you sue.  The biggest question prior to commencing litigation is how a Judgment can be satisfied if the debtor does not voluntarily pay their debt. This is why many Law Firms take advantage of our asset research services. An asset research can reveal the best strategy for legal action to collect your debt.  


In some cases, an asset search will reveal the debtor is destitute, or the debtor company is insolvent. Getting a Judgment is only part of a legal collection. The most important part of a legal collection is getting paid. There is no point in suing a debtor if they are no exigible assets or receivables to satisfy the debt.  Asset research prior to commencing legal action is just part of a sound legal strategy for debt collection.


In other cases, an asset research can reveal hidden assets and liquid sources of garnishee. In BC, a creditor can garnishee a receivable or bank account prior to obtaining Judgment. In these cases it is possible to garnishee the funds owed, which are paid into court, pending the outcome of the legal action. This is one of the fastest legal methods for a successful debt collection.  


Post Judgment Debt Collection 


Sometimes assets and even the debtor, disappear during the legal process of obtaining a Judgment. In legal situations like these, many BC Law Firms turn to IRS to assist in their legal collections. The reason IRS is so effective is because our seasoned collectors work with skip tracers who specialize in locating debtors and assets than can be sized to satisfy a debt.


Alberta and BC Judgements are valid for 10 years and can be renewed for another 10 years. Often a debtor’s financial situation improves over time and the debt can be collected.  In any case, a smart Judgment collection strategy is to monitor the Judgment debtor for a change in circumstances. At IRS this is a standard procedure for Judgment debt collection.


Need a Legal Collection? 


IRS has been assisting Law Firms and creditors for over 20 years. We offer reasonable contingency rates on BC Judgment collections.  Give us a call or schedule you free no obligation consultation on Judgement debt collection.