BC Debt Collection


BC Debt Collection

Are you searching for an Alberta, orBC debt collection agencyto handle your accounts receivable collections? Then you should consider In-House Receivable Services, or IRS. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured collection agency based in British Columbia with offices in Surrey BC and Campbell River BC on Vancouver Island. We specialize in Alberta and BC debt collection and there are several reasons why IRS should be your BC debt collection agency.

Since 1997, IRS has been a specialized BC debt collection agency. We collect consumer and B2B or commercial debt. We also provide collection outsourcing services for Alberta and BC companies and numerous law firms. There is a reason why law firms outsource their accounts receivable debt collection to IRS. Our people have decades of experience in consumer and commercial debt collection. Collection experience is what sets our agency apart from the average run of the mill debt collection agency.

Where IRS really shines in debt collection is on collecting large balance debt. Our people know the Alberta and BC legal systems. Most people outside BC are not aware a debt is considered Statute Barred after the last invoice date has passed two (2) years in Alberta and BC. Interest can only be attached to a claim so long as the debtor has agreed to the interest charges in writing. There are numerous pitfalls when collecting debt in Alberta or BC. Our collection knowledge is another reason why IRS should be your debt collection agency.

Collection Agency Services

IRS is not your typical debt collection agency. We offer a wide range of debt collection and related collection services. Related services include skip tracing, process serving and bailiff services in BC. Whatever services you need to collect debt in BC, or Alberta, are available with our BC debt collection agency.

Our primary consumer and commercial debt collection is done on contingency. Where there is no collection there is no charge to you. IRS is conversant with all aspects and procedures involved with collecting your outstanding account(s) in a timely manner. Our policy is to act fairly, but firmly, providing proven results and maintaining our industry recognized high success rate. We collect debt without the complaints. Results you can put in the bank are another reason why IRS should be your debt collection agency.

What are you waiting for?

Debt does not age well. Every day, week and month delay dramatically decreases your odds of a successful collection. We are experts in dealing with stalls, excuses and procrastination. You can move forward with the positive and productive aspects of your business when IRS is your BC debt collection agency.

Give us a call and an IRS professional with twenty plus years of collection agency experience can answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can also request a quote, or schedule a free consultation on Alberta and BC debt collection.