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Collection Agency Commercial Services

In House Receivable Services, or IRS, is a fully licensed, bonded and insured BC - Alberta commercial collection agency. We specialize in collecting commercial debt and legal collections. IRS has been in business for over 20 years, with a proven track record of competitive rates, personalized service and superior collection results. If you are looking for immediate action and a fast return on your receivables, you should consider our commercial collection agency.

Commercial debt recovery is far more complex and time sensitive than collecting consumer debt. Our collection agency has a sophisticated collection system with instant online access to numerous government and informational databases. The option of 24/7 online back end access to monitor progress on your accounts in real time is available with our collection agency.

Our collection agency has commercial collectors that are seasoned professionals with years of experience collecting commercial debt. Our legal and large balance collections are handled by commercial collectors who have over 20 years of experience. Collection expertise is why so many Alberta and BC Law Firms rely on our collection agency.

IRS also provides related commercial services for companies, in addition to contingency debt collection. Many of our Clients rely on us to help streamline and improve their commercial accounts receivable.Outsourcing, pre-collections, credit screening, training, skip tracing and process serving are just a few of the services available with our collection agency.

Debt Collection in Alberta

There are always warning signs when an account should be listed with a collection agency. Broken promises, flimsy excuses, loss of a key person or customer, refinancing and other stall tactics can be strong indicators of an impending bad debt.

Alberta commercial debtors will often try to avoid and stall out payment to take advantage of the Alberta two year statute on taking legal action.In Alberta, a collection agency, or creditor, cannot sue on a commercial debt that is over two years old from the date of last payment, date of invoice if no payment was ever made, or acknowledgement of debt.

Unsecured commercial debt can be particularity at risk when a limited company winds down. Most company owners are well aware their business is going down. As they stall out payments the unattached assets are liquidated, or just seem to evaporate.

There are 2 main civil court systems in Alberta that execute and extract commercial debt in Alberta. The Alberta Small Claims Courthas a cap of $50K and the Court of Queen’s Bench handles larger amounts.

Collection Coverage in Alberta

IRS commercial collection services cover all of BC and Alberta. We collect consumer and commercial debt for a wide variety of companies and industries. If you need to recover commercial debt in Alberta, IRS should be your preferred collection agency.

Alberta has a population of over 4 million people. For those visiting our website outside of Alberta here are some of the cities in Alberta covered by our collection agency:

Need a Collection Agency in Alberta?

IRS collections can provide you with options to turn your commercial debt into fast, bankable dollars. One of our collection experts can answer any question you may have about collecting commercial debt in Alberta. We also offer a free, no obligation consultation with our commercial collection agency.