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Collection Agency Services – Ft McMurray


In House Receivable Services, or IRS, provides affordable consumer and commercial collection agency services in Ft McMurray, Alberta and BC.  We offer reasonable rates on contingency (No collection–No Fee) debt collection services. If you need to recover a debt, or receivables, then you should consider our collection agency.


IRS has been operating for over 20 years and along with contingency debt collection, we offer a wide range of related collection services that are sure to improve your bottom line. IRS is a full service collection agency that offers the following services in addition to debt collection: 

  • Credit Screening (Consumer and Commercial) 
  • Commercial Asset Investigations 
  • Pre-collection outsourcing 
  • Collection Outsourcing 
  • Process Serving 
  • Skip Tracing 
  • Bulk Skip Tracing 
  • Accounts Receivable Outsourcing 
  • Accounts Receivable Management 
  • Credit and Collections Training
  • Credit and Collections Risk Management
  • Numerous Law Firm Services 


The cost effective collection services mentioned above can reduce and prevent potential bad debt.  Due to a downturn in the Alberta Oil and Gas sector, commercial credit risks have increased, as well as the need for professional debt collection.  


Debt Collection in Ft McMurray


Fort McMurray has a population of close to 70,000 people and is part of the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta.  If Fort McMurray was still incorporated as a city, it would be the 5th largest city in Alberta. In Ft McMurray, drilling rig services, forest services, sawmills, transportation, lumber and refineries are some of the industries that utilize our collection agency.


There are many multinational companies that have operations in the Ft McMurray area, which adds to the complexity of collecting commercial and consumer debt. In addition, the Oil and Gas downturn has resulted in many companies permanently ceasing operations, or moving their operations to other areas in Canada and the United States. In turn, this has contributed to an increase in unemployment and consumer third party debt collection.   


Need a Collection Agency in Ft McMurray?


Whether you are in the Ft McMurray area and need a collection agency, or out of province and need a debt collected in Ft McMurray, give us a call. One of our collection experts can answer any questions you may have about commercial or consumer debt collection. We can also provide you with options to increase your bottom line and improve your cash flow. You can also schedule a free, no obligation consultation with our collection agency.