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Collection Agency Coverage in Calgary, Alberta

In House Receivable Services, or IRS, is a fully licensed, bonded and insured collection agency that covers Calgary, Alberta and BC. Our agency specializes in contingency (No collection – No fee) commercial and consumer debt collection. IRS has been in business for over 20 years and our senior management has more than 130 years of combined experience in third party debt collections. If you are looking for fast returns and personalized service you should consider our collection agency.

Collection agency services in Calgary are primarily related to the Oil and Gas, finance, transportation, technology, film, creative industry sectors and agricultural industries. Calgary is Canada’s second largest head office city in Canada. Companies in Calgary and Alberta flourish in a corporate friendly environment with no provincial sales taxes, no capital taxes and no machinery or equipment taxes. Our experienced collectors know the consumer and commercial financial landscape in Alberta, which is one of the reasons so many Law Firms and companies rely on our collection agency.

Collection Agency Services

Besides contingency debt collection, IRS offers cost effective solutions to improve the performance of your accounts receivable, reduce risk and speed up your cash flow.

For many small businesses it is simply not cost effective to set up an extensive credit information infrastructure, as the volume does not justify the costs. Here are some of the cost efficient consumer and commercial solutions offered by our collection agency:

  • Credit Screening (Consumer and Commercial)
  • Consumer and Commercial Asset Investigations
  • Pre-collection outsourcing
  • Collection Outsourcing
  • Process Serving
  • Skip Tracing
  • Bulk Skip Tracing
  • Accounts Receivable Outsourcing
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Credit and Collections Training
  • Credit and Collections Risk Management
  • Numerous Law Firm Services

Many of our agency Clients use a combination of the services above to supplement their AR department. IRS is a large volume collection agency and we have instant online access to government and information databases across Canada. Having access to information that is otherwise cost prohibitive is another reason why BC and Alberta Law Firms and companies rely on our collection agency.

Personalized Service

With IRS you know what progress is being made on your debt collections. Our collection agency provides 24/7, online access for our Clients who list accounts on a regular basis. IRS Clients can see what is happening with their accounts in real time. On any account listed over $1,000 the collector actually handling the account will provide you with an update within seven clear days.

The biggest reason Clients rely on our agency is our people. Most of our commercial collectors have decades of commercial collection experience. We have some of the best skip tracers and asset investigators in Canada. Our collectors know how the legal systems really work in BC and Alberta. Decades of experience and collection expertise is why Law Firms and companies rely on our agency to collect complex, large balance, consumer and commercial accounts.

Need a Collection Agency?

Need a collection agency? Not sure what you should do?

Give us a call and one of our veteran, commercial collection experts can answer any questions or concerns you may have. They can also provide you with collection options and cost efficient solutions. You can also schedule a free consultation with our collection agency.