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Debt Collection in Alberta

In-House Receivable Services, or IRS, is a regional collection agency in BC and Alberta. We specialize in commercial and consumer contingency debt recovery, as well as International and Marine debt collections. Our agency has affordable rates and a high standard of personalized Client service with superior collection results. Since 1997, IRS has built a proven track record in third party consumer and commercial debt collection.

In addition to contingency debt collection, IRS provides supplementary collection services such as skip tracing, asset investigations, credit investigations and many other services. We help many of our Clients with cost effective credit and collection tools to improve their bottom line. Here are some of the related collection services offered by our collection agency:

  • Credit Screening (Consumer and Commercial)
  • Commercial Asset Investigations
  • Pre-collection outsourcing
  • Collection Outsourcing
  • Process Serving
  • Skip Tracing
  • Bulk Skip Tracing
  • Accounts Receivable Outsourcing
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Credit and Collections Training
  • Credit and Collections Risk Management
  • Numerous Law Firm Services
  • ETC.

Debt collection in Alberta is similar to most provinces in Canada, with a few exceptions. For example: When garnishing wages in Alberta the worker (consumer debtor) is allowed to keep the first $800 of monthly earnings. After this amount creditors can garnish 50% of their pay cheque up to $2400 and 100% thereafter. Collection agencies in Alberta cannot enter into, or arrange wage assignments with a debtor or the employer of a debtor. Our experienced collectors know the nuances of collecting debt in Alberta and how to navigate a successful collection.

There is a 2 year statute in Alberta that bars creditors and collection agencies from suing on a debt, which can adversely affect collection recovery. Any debt that is over 2 years since the date of the last payment, or acknowledgement of debt, cannot be pursued through the civil court systems in Alberta. This is why many large balance debtors in Alberta will try to stall things out over 2 years so they are immune to legal action. This includes commercial debt collection.

Collection Landscape in Alberta

Alberta is the fourth largest province by population in Canada, with over four million people. IRS collects debt for, and debt from, companies from a diverse range of industries: mining, oil and gas, financial services, construction, manufacturing, transportation, real estate, insurance and many others. With a GDP of over twenty billion, the bulk of our collections in Alberta are with commercial debt collection.

There are 2 main civil court systems in Alberta that can be used for debt collection. The Alberta Small Claims Court has a cap of $50K and the Court of Queen’s Bench handles larger amounts. Alberta also has a Residential Tenancy System for residential tenants and landlords.

Here you will find more demographics information on Alberta.

Debt Collection at Reasonable Rates

Give us a call and one of our collection experts can answer any questions you may have about consumer or commercial debt collection. They will be able to offer you cost effective options to recover your debt. You can schedule a free consultation on Alberta debt collection.