Surrey Collection Services



Collection Services in Surrey BC 


IRS is a fully licensed and bonded agency in Surrey, BC that offers low rate contingency consumer and commercial debt collection. Our experienced collectors, Bailiffs and skip tracers ensure you will get maximum recovery of your debt. In addition, we carry 2 million dollars of errors and omission insurance to further protect your interests when IRS handles your debt collection.


Surrey is the central hub in the Vancouver lower mainland and located at the tip of the Fraser Valley. Our agency has a second location in Campbell River for Vancouver Island debt collection.  Besides our agency locations there are numerous reasons why IRS should be your first choice for consumer and commercial debt collection.


Looking to replace your existing agency?  Looking for an agency for the first time to collect your debt?  Keep in mind that every day that passes by on a receivable reduces your statistical odds of a successful collection


Results Driven Debt Collection 


Fast collection results without the complaints is just one of the reasons IRS is the preferred choice for numerous Alberta and BC law firms and companies. Our seasoned collectors are highly trained professionals who know the economic landscape and intricacies of BC consumer and commercial debt collection. 


Our people are what separate IRS from other collection agencies. IRS collectors are consummate experts in debt collection.  Many collection agencies rely on harassment tactics like numerous phone calls, which in turn result in complaints that damage your reputation and expose you to potential liabilities. At IRS our experienced collectors protect your best interests and reputation, while delivering results driven debt collection

For over 20 years IRS has been delivering superior results you can put in the bank.  Debt collection is an art that requires in depth knowledge and experience collecting debt. IRS collectors know how to extract payment in full, using our advanced techniques in debt collection.  

Need Professional Collection Services? 


We offer a full suite of services for consumer and commercial accounts receivable debt collection.  Whether you need to seize a secured asset, or locate a debtor, you should consider IRS. Give us a call or schedule a free  consultation on debt collection.