Bulk Tracing Services



Skip Tracing and Bulk Pricing


Our skip tracing and bulk pricing services save companies money and time locating people and assets.  IRS, or In-House Receivable Services, offers skip tracing outsourcing services and bulk pricing for companies with higher volumes of skip tracing.  Vehicle financing companies, Law Firms and other higher volume companies can save a lot on skip tracing costs.  If you need fast turnaround on bulk skip locates and quality results, ask about our bulk pricing and outsourcing services for skip tracing.


Many companies servicing loans have in-house skip tracers that are overloaded with files. IRS can help. Simply outsource some of the skip tracing overload to IRS. We have some of the best skip tracers in the industry and can give your in-house skip tracing staff a chance to catch up. For over 20 years, IRS has been assisting and outsourcing to companies with in-house skip tracing.  


Some companies find it more cost effective and efficient to outsource their entire skip tracing. Our professional skip tracers are used to working with collectors as a team to dramatically increase recoveries and speed up cash flow.  When you factor in additional in-house employee costs, some companies can save big by outsourcing their skip tracing.



What is High Volume Skip Tracing?


In general, companies and law firms that list an average of twenty or more skip tracing, or asset investigation files, a month can save with our bulk pricing and services.  Some large vehicle financial lending institutions outsource hundreds of skip traces every month. Whatever volume you may need, IRS can take care of your skip tracing.  



Quality Skip Tracing and Service


Our skip tracers are highly trained professionals. We trace small and large balance consumer and commercial files. Our tracers have access to information that most skip tracing agencies don’t. IRS is a fully licensed, bonded and insured collection agency.


Being a licensed collection agency gives us many advantages over typical skip tracing agencies. For example: Our skip tracers can pull credit bureaus instantly. We don’t have to bug our Clients to pull a credit bureau. IRS  has a sophisticated credit and collection infrastructure with advanced features for skip tracing.


Our bulk tracing Clients can see the progress being made on their files online, 24/7, in real time. Our system gives our bulk Clients online access to their files along with a cornucopia of reporting features. They can also list skip tracing files online without the hassle of the whole fax-email process.


For larger institutions, skip tracing data can also be exported directly to our system, or we can import from a digital file. We can also create a push-pull information transfer for instant results on your skip tracing.



Bulk Savings and Superior Results


If you are interested in bulk saving and superior skip tracing results, give us a call. In addition, we offer a wide range of related credit and collection services.  An IRS professional can answer any questions you may have about skip tracing and how much you can save with our bulk pricing.


You can also schedule a free, no obligation consultation on our bulk services for skip tracing.