Vancouver Island



Vancouver Island Bailiffs 


Vancouver Island collection and Bailiff services that cover the entire Island and BC. IRS is a fully licensed and bonded Bailiff in BC. Our Bailiffs seize assets with registered liens that are located on Vancouver Island. PPSA agreements, vehicle repossessions, Mechanics Liens, Warehouse Liens and lease agreements are just a few of types of seizures executed in BC by a Bailiff

IRS is strategically based in Campbell River, which is centrally located on Vancouver Island. We have storage facilities and also provide seized asset remarketing.  An IRS Bailiff can take care of your entire seizure and subsequent asset sale. You can count on getting top dollar for your assets when the asset sale is handled by an IRS Bailiff

Our Bailiffs know Vancouver Island 


Wherever your debtor and-or the asset are located on Vancouver Island, you can count on an IRS Bailiff. Our Bailiffs know the Island and are often familiar with many perennial debtors that are constantly moving around on Vancouver Island. If you need a Vancouver Island seizure and are not sure where your debtor and the assets are, you should consider the services of an IRS Bailiff

Our ability to locate assets on Vancouver Island separates IRS from other Bailiffs. Our Bailiffs know Nanaimo, Victoria, Port Alberni, Courtney and other centres on the Island. If a Bailiff has trouble locating your debtor and assets it is not a major problem.  At IRS, a dedicated skip tracer works with each Bailiff.  

Skip tracing is integrated with our Bailiff services. Our highly trained skip tracers work directly with the Bailiff to speed up your recovery. Many debtors hide and go underground to evade having their vehicle or other assets seized.  Timing is critical for a Bailiff. Skip Tracers are often able to track down where an evasive debtor will be at a given time and place. Being in the right place at the right time is why many companies rely on an IRS Bailiff

Bailiff Service with Reasonable Rates- Fast turnaround 


Our Bailiff services on Vancouver Island are reasonably priced. You can also count on a fast turnaround when you use an IRS Bailiff. Discover the difference of integrated skip tracing and an IRS Bailiff. 

Need to seize a vehicle or other assets on Vancouver Island? Give us a call or request a free quote from an IRS Bailiff.