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In House Receivable Services, or IRS, is a licensed regional collection agency in BC and Alberta. Our agency provides contingency, No collection–No fee, transportation and trucking debt collection. Reasonable rates on collecting delinquent driver, freight broker, shipping and freight debt. You can count on personalized service and fast returns when IRS handles your trucking debt collection.


Our agency is a fully licensed, bonded and insured collection agency. Our senior management has over 130 years of combined experience in commercial debt collection. In addition to contingency debt collection, IRS provides trucking receivables outsourcing, credit screening, skip tracing, asset investigations and other related services for effective debt collection.  



Freight Debt Collection 


IRS has been collecting transportation and freight debt for over 20 years. Our commercial collectors have extensive experience in the nuances of trucking debt collection. Here are just some of the types of freight receivables we collect for trucking companies: 

  • LTL Freight 
  • FTL Freight 
  • RGN Trucking 
  • Specialized Hauling 
  • Equipment Hauling 
  • Roll top 
  • Storage Fees 
  • Demurrage Fees
  • Flatbed 
  • Cross Border Shipping 
  • Hot Shot Trucking 
  • Expedited Freight 
  • Heavy Haul Loads 
  • Container Fees 
  • Freight Forwarding 
  • Detention Fees 
  • Permit Fees 
  • ETC. 


Margins for the trucking industry are extremely thin with costs increasing every year.  Bad debt receivables can cripple a company’s profitability and survival.  Also adding pressure to a truck company’s bottom line is the constant introduction of new government regulations. Keeping a tight rein on freight receivable collections is one of the biggest challenges in trucking


Driver Debt Collection


Possibly the most expensive headache in trucking is driver debt collection. All too often an owner-operator truck driver will quit and go to a competitor, while the final fuel, insurance and other bills roll in leaving a sizable receivable debt.  When a trucking company loses control of a driver’s cash flow the leverage for payment evaporates and all too often, the company is left holding a bad debt.


To compound matters, truck drivers are always on the move and sometimes hard to track down for payment.  At IRS we have some of the best skip tracers in the country for locating debtors. Whatever your transportation collection needs may be, you can count on IRS for fast, efficient, debt collection. 


Need Help with Trucking Receivables?


You should give us a call and one of our trucking collection experts can answer any questions about collecting transportation and freight debt/. We can also provide you with collection solutions to reduce your days outstanding (DSO) and speed up your cash flow.  You can also schedule a no obligation consultation on transportation and trucking debt collection.