Here you will find testimonials for In-House Receivable Services or IRS. Our Clients have graciously allowed us to display excerpts from emails and correspondence regarding the quality of the services offered by IRS.

"Working together with IRS was a positive and worthwhile experience both from the tangible standpoint of collecting old and difficult accounts as well as from an educational point of view. The professional expertise of IRS has been of great assistance to our company from the beginning of the credit granting process through to the successful collection of accounts".

Lynn W., Accounts Manager

"Our firm has utilized the services of In-House Receivable Services with respect to the collection of our old and difficult accounts receivable.

We have noticed a reduction in our old or outstanding receivable totals. Several files which the writer was involved in were essentially being written off. IRS was able to locate the clients involved and successfully collect monies from them. We were impressed by their ability to do so in a non-confrontational way with most of our clients and, in fact, some of the older accounts have been back to us for subsequent services without any sense of upset over being pursued on the old accounts".

William W., Lawyer

"I don’t know if your law firm is like our law firm, but we tended to be acquiring a sizeable amount of uncollectable accounts receivable. By uncollectable I mean in excess of 90 days and having a great deal of difficulty convincing the client that they should pay their bill, as promptly as they wanted us to provide the legal service.

We have use IRS for several months now. We have been delighted with the results. Not only is our long term old AR much reduced, but through the services of IRS they have helped us to develop a file management system which appears to be eliminating many of the problems which result in bad debt down the road.

We have found the staff IRS provides is extremely competent and fits in well to a law office environment. We have listened to then talk to clients about debt collection and letters and reminders which are sent to clients. They are professional and handle the collection in a manner which does not reflect poorly on either the firm or the clients. An added bonus is that we have managed to turn some dormant lost clients into new ongoing files. By the way, those clients are current in their bills".

Arthur S., Lawyer

Thank you again for all the devoted hard work this year. We really could not have achieved all that we did this year without the team at IRS.

Tristan J., Legal Assistant