Whatever concerns you may have about security, you can count on IRS to keep  your confidential and private information secure.  From our secure website to our redundant secure infrastructure your data is safe and secure with IRS.


For potential clients outside Canada, it should be noted that all our data, databases and servers are located in Canada and not subject to the US Patriot Act. Also, Canada has very strict federal privacy laws with big teeth. Collection agencies in Canada are also subject to provincial regulations. Law firms in BC for example, are only allowed to store data on a Canadian server. Privacy in Canada has more severe provincial and federal privacy laws than other countries, especially the US. 

Our IT professionals perform daily, weekly and monthly backups that are stored in a secure off site location. Our entire collection system is regularly screened and monitored to protect your information from being compromised. There are many other procedures that must remain secret that we employ to protect your data. 

Secure Data Transfers 


For our corporate clients that list, upload or transfer their accounts electronically we provide secure data transfers. We have veteran in house programmers with over 20 years of programming experience. We can handle any type of file format transfer in a secure environment. At IRS, security is always a top priority whenever we import data from our clients

We also provide a secure portal so clients can list their accounts on an individual basis. Our clients also have secure access to their accounts 24/7 in real time. Our portal also gives access to a cornucopia of reports. IRS runs a transparent operation with a highly secure infrastructure. 

Your Security is Mission Critical at IRS 


Whatever your security standards may be, IRS will meet and probably exceed your requirements. Our entire collection infrastructure has been built to be secure. All our servers are constantly updated to ensure maximum protection.  


Every nook and cranny of our collection system has been designed with security in mind. We do not fool around when it comes to security.  Your private and confidential data is safe and secure with IRS

Questions – Concerns? 


If you and-or your IT staff have any questions or concerns let us know. It does not matter how technical your questions may be. In some cases implementation and concerns are easily resolved when our IT people connect with your IT staff. 

IRS wants to be an extension of your credit department. If you need further details please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If sales is unable to answer any heavy technical questions we will bring in someone who can. You can also schedule a free consultation on our security