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Solutions for Debt Recovery


IRS provides contingency consumer and commercial debt recovery services in Alberta and BC. If you want to perk up your cash flow, IRS has the right collection recovery solutions to meet, and exceed, your expectations. Our retail and business collection agency can extract payment from a single account, or speed up the cash flow from your entire accounts receivable.  You are in the right place for creative consumer and commercial collection services, reasonable costs and fast turnaround debt recovery


IRS recovers all types of secure and unsecured debt.  Our  services span from single contingency collection accounts to commercial accounts receivable outsourcing.  Whatever your collection needs may be, IRS can provide you with a single, or combination, of cost effective services for a comprehensive recovery solution.



Debt Recovery Rates


Debt recovery rates are determined by the type, amount and age of the debt, or debts being recovered.  Our contingency commission rates are based on a no collection - no fee basis.  Basically,we only get paid when we successfully recover your debt.


IRS is a fully licensed, bonded and insured Alberta and BC collection agency. We have an advanced credit and collection infrastructure and can easily report delinquent customers to credit reporting agencies.   Our agency has been in business for over 21 years and offers Bailiff, process serving and skip tracing services, in addition to debt recovery.  



Why Hire a Debt Recovery Agency?


Just to give you an idea of how fast receivables lose their value, take a look at the accounts receivable industry statistics on age and debt recovery. It should be noted that commercial business debt recovery is far more time sensitive than consumer debt.


IRS specializes in debt collection. We have credit and collection information systems that are simply too expensive for most small and medium sized businesses. Our information and collection expertise ensures faster recovery.  It is better to get fast economical debt recovery and bankable dollars now, than risking the entire amount when the account becomes a bad debt.  


Odds are, you are not the only creditor looking for payment from your long overdue customer.  Allowing the debtor to stall making payment, usually results in the debtor paying someone else, probably a competitor.



When to Hire an Agency for Debt Recovery


Most companies use a 30-60-90 day aging for their accounts receivable, and an account is written off once it hits 180 days overdue.  However, when it comes to debt going bad, it doesn’t really matter how far a debtor may be overdue. The best answer on when to hire a collection agency is when your gut instinct tells you an overdue customer could be on their way to becoming a bad debt


There are numerous theories on the right time to list an account with a collection agency. Always keep in mind that each customer is different and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to recovering debt.  There are always warning signs that a customer is in trouble and having a hard time meeting their obligations. The sooner you list an account for collection, the better the percentages of a successful recovery.


Unfortunately, many companies procrastinate and drag things out to their own detriment. It usually follows a similar pattern. A company makes the hopeful assumption they will collect the account and save money on collection fees. Then the debtor disappears, goes out of business, goes bankrupt, or a hundred other scenarios, and they end up with an uncollectable bad debt.  


The company then realizes they should have considered how much they would have to write off in a worst case scenario. It is common for a collection agency to have several accounts listed against a consumer or commercial debtor over a period of months. There is nothing sadder than having to inform a Client that a debt is unrecoverable, when we could have easily recovered the debt a couple of months prior.    



Need to Recover Debt Now?


Then you should give us a call and we can provide you with a rate quote on the phone. You can also schedule a no obligation consultation on your solution for debt recovery.