Victoria Debt Collection



Debt Collection with IRS 


Are you looking for an agency for debt collection in Victoria, Nanaimo, Oak Bay, Esquimalt or Vancouver Island? Then look no further. For over 20 years IRS, or In House Receivable Services, has been providing fast low rate recovery services for collecting consumer and commercial debt.  Our agency offers a full suite of services including skip tracing, asset investigation, Bailiff services and contingency debt collection

There are two main reasons why so many Alberta and BC law firms and companies rely on our agency to collect their debt.  First, our professional collectors know how to extract payment without complaints. Second, we provide fast turnaround and no nonsense debt collection. 

Our head office is located in Campbell River and we also have an office in Surrey and Alberta. We are fully licensed and bonded in BC and Alberta for third party debt collection. 


Vancouver Island Debt Collection 


For those readers who are not familiar with debt collection in BC, Victoria is the capital of BC and located at the bottom of Vancouver Island. With a population close to 350,000, Victoria and Vancouver Island have a diversified economy and an ever increasing demand for versatile debt collection

Industries on Vancouver Island include government services, forestry, related forestry industries, high tech, fishing and a wide array of manufacturing companies. With such a wide range of industries it pays to retain an agency that has a wide spectrum of experience in consumer and commercial debt collection. 


Large Balance Debt Collection 


IRS specializes in large balance debt collection. Our agency in house lawyer and experienced collectors ensure your accounts are handled in an efficient and expedient manner. Our collectors and skip tracers operate as a team to secure your best interests for a successful collection

In debt collection the larger the balance usually means the more sophisticated a debtor is in evading their debt.  Our skip tracers are experts in asset investigation to uncover hidden physical and liquid assets. When it comes to large balance accounts you can depend on IRS to pursue all avenues to recover your debt. 


Contingency Debt Collection 


IRS offers no collection-no fee, or contingency debt collection. Give us a call or schedule your free consultation on debt collection.