Prince George Debt Collection



Prince George Debt Collection and Bailiff Agency 


In-House receivable Services or IRS offers debt collection and Bailiff services in the Cariboo region and Prince George. Our agency offers consumer and commercial debt collection at reasonable rates and we deliver superior collection recovery results. If you need to recover debt fast, then you should consider IRS as your preferred Prince George agency

Prince George has a dynamic and growing economy with chemical plants, machine shops and forestry related services.  Add in manufacturing and it is easy to see why there is an increasing demand for debt collection.                                                      


Why IRS should be your first choice for collections 


IRS is fully licensed and bonded to collect debt in Prince George. Our agency has been in business for over 20 years and we are the exclusive agency for many companies and law firms throughout Alberta and BC. Our agency offers Bailiff, skip tracing and other related services for debt collection

The secret to our success is our people. Our seasoned debt collectors, skip tracers and Bailiffs provide a comprehensive suite of collection services. Experience makes a major difference when it comes to debt collection. 

Consider IRS if you are searching for an effective agency that provides a quick turnaround on debt collection.   


Debt does not age like wine 


With every day, week and month that passes by your odds of a successful collection deteriorate rapidly. Avoid the mistake of holding on too long. It is better to get a percentage of something than 100% of nothing. This is particularly true when it comes to commercial debt collection. 


With large balance accounts keep in mind that there is a two year time limit on suing debt in BC. In BC you must commence legal action within 2 years from the date of last payment, or acknowledgement of debt.   Many debtors and delinquent companies are well aware of this limitation, which is why they will use stall tactics to delay payment of your debt. 


Need to collect debt in Prince George? 


Whether you are in Prince George, or need to collect in Prince George, IRS should be your first choice. Give us a call, schedule a free consultation or use our simple and fast form to request your free quote on debt collection