Bad Debt Collections



Consumer and Commercial Debt Recovery 


IRS specializes in recovering consumer and commercial bad debt in Alberta and British Columbia or BC. If you need to collect from a person or commercial debtor in Alberta, or BC, then you should consider our collection agency. IRS is a fully licensed Alberta and BC collection agency for consumer and commercial debt recovery. Our agency offers reasonable contingency commission rates on collection services to recover bad debt

Dead Debt and Bad Debt 

Our collection agency has been recovering bad debt for over 20 years. Our agency collection services range from small balance consumer debt recovery to large balance commercial bad debt collection. Before writing off a debt as dead, it is probably worth your while to get in touch with our collection agency.


Just because a debt appears to be dead, doesnít mean it is. Our seasoned debt collectors have decades of experience recovering consumer and commercial debt. When it comes to debt, debtors will go to great lengths to evade paying. BC and Alberta debtors will also try to stall paying for a couple of years so they canít be sued. In Alberta and BC, you cannot sue on a debt that is over 2 years old from date of last payment, or acknowledgment of debt

Some debtors will move and hide their assets. If they can stall out the creditor for a couple of years then they donít have to worry about legal remedies for collection. There are many laws and regulations that affect debt collection in BC.  Your odds of recovery increase dramatically when IRS is your collection agency

Debt Does Not Age Well 


One of the biggest mistakes companies make is holding on too long before listing the debt with a collection agency. Unlike wine, debt does not age well. There are usually numerous warning signs when an account is going bad.  It is better to get a good percentage of something than 100% of nothing.  In debt collection, the odds of recovery decrease rapidly with age.  You automatically increase your odds of recovery when you list your account with our collection agency. 

Like most industries, debt collection is a highly specialized skill. This is why our agency has resources that are cost prohibitive for most companies. For example: We utilize skip tracers who specialize in locating debtors and assets.  Having a skip tracer on staff is simply cost prohibitive for most large and small businesses. Our collectors and skip tracers work together as a team, which is another reason why IRS should be your preferred collection agency

Time is Money in Debt Collection 


The value of your receivable or debt declines with every day that passes. As a rule, commercial debt is more time sensitive that consumer debt. Donít make the mistake of trying to collect yourself when it is obvious you need a collection agency.  


Debating on whether to list an account for collection? Give us a call and an IRS professional will be pleased to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation with our collection agency.