Asset Seizures



Services for Seizing Assets located in BC 


IRS is a BC Bailiff Service that is licensed and bonded with Consumer Protection BC. We have over 20 years of experience seizing assets secured under Personal Property Security Agreements or PPSA, Leases, Repairer’s Liens, Warehouseman’s Liens and Marine Mortgages.  We act on behalf of secured retail and commercial creditors who want to liquidate their debt by taking possession of their collateral, or secured asset

IRS offers a wide range of services to effectively take possession or seize any type of secured asset.  

Seize or Sue in BC 


BC is a seize or sue province. British Columbia Laws state that once an asset is seized on behalf of a creditor, that creditor cannot pursue the debtor for any deficiency balance after seizing the asset. Our Bailiffs can determine what your asset is worth before seizing your collateral or asset

In some cases, an asset, like a vehicle, has deteriorated in value and is not worth seizing. In these cases, legal action can be commenced and the asset seized under a Writ of Seizure and Sale.  By doing this it increases a creditor’s ability to recover the full amount of monies due, rather than the money that would be recovered from the sale of the secured asset.


IRS Seizure Services for BC 


Here are just some of the related services we offer when seizing assets in BC: 

  • Commercial and Retail seizures 
  • Advertise and Sell seized assets from a secured position 
  • Secure Storage of assets (Marine or otherwise) 
  • Barging Equipment from remote areas to a more secure location 
  • Skip tracing services to locate secured collateral or assets 
  • Other related seizure services 


IRS offers professional and cost effective services for seizing your collateral or assets. Our seasoned staff have experience with many diverse industry seizures:  logging equipment, marine equipment, motor vehicles, receivership liquidations, etc.  When you need to secure your position, you can count on IRS to protect your interests and gain control over your collateral or asset.  

Need to Seize an Asset in BC? 


Need to seize your secured asset in BC?  We handle seizures in remote areas of BC, as well as the major population centres like the Vancouver lower mainland. Give us a call for a quick estimate or schedule your free no obligation consultation on seizing your collateral or asset.