AR Analysis



Does Your Accounts Receivable need Analysis? 


An IRS analysis of your accounts receivable department is a great solution to find out why your accounts turnover is choking off your cash flow.  An IRS analysis will analyze why and how to fix the situation to improve your receivable turnover.  The IRS analysts who perform your analysis have in excess of 20 years of in the trenches experience in accounts receivable

When you are up to your knees with day to day tasks it can be hard to see the forest form the trees, Often, an independent point of view will spot bottlenecks that are killing your receivable turnover and cash flow. Since 1997, IRS has been helping BC Law Firms and companies accelerate their accounts receivable

Our analysts know all facets of accounts receivable. This includes systems integration, accounting systems, databases, billing systems and the list goes on. We know the technology and how to reduce costs while improving the efficiency and turnover of your accounts receivable. We know the BC legal system and the most cost effective steps for collecting accounts receivable. 

Know anyone that needs an AR Analysis? 


Every corporate lawyer occasionally runs across a business owner who is experiencing problems collecting their accounts receivable. In some cases the reason is obvious. Their accounts receivable department is a complete disaster. You know if the situation persists your client is on their way out of business.  It is one thing to give a client your opinion on what you think is wrong, but hearing it from seasoned accounts receivable experts gives your opinion far more substance

When you bring in IRS to help turn things around for a client, you may be also saving a client. Also, your client will be able to pay your invoices faster. In cases like this, an IRS analysis is a win-win situation. 

We Analyze small and large companies 


IRS analyzes small and large company accounts receivable departments. We are familiar with the economies of scale involved with larger companies. We also have 20 years of experience analyzing Law Firm accounts receivable departments. When it comes to faster account turnover, our analysts have extensive experience with an assortment of industries and companies. 

Give us a call and an IRS analyst can show you how we can improve you profit margins. We also offer a free no obligation analysis consultation on accounts receivable.