Frequently Asked Questions For Bailiff Services



Bailiffs: Bailiffs are able to seize on any secured asset through either a Personal Property Agreement, Mechanics Lien, etc. If the asset does not have a secured lien, then a Bailiff is (by law) unable to reposes that asset on your (the creditors) behalf.

Court Appointed Bailiffs: Court Appointed Bailiffs are able to seize any secured assets, same as an ordinary Bailiff. However, Court Appointed Bailiffs are also able to enforce Writ’s on the courts behalf. Should you wish to seize any assets through a Writ, a Court Appointed Bailiff has the authority through the courts to go about doing so. Court Appointed Bailiffs have the authority to seize assets which do not fall under security agreements; close down and effectively seize all assets at banking institutes; and also take Undertakings from employers.


Bailiff fees are charged on an hourly, per kilometer basis.  A fee for the initial seizure is further attached.  Locating the asset is usually the most difficult part.  The Bailiff only attends to the seizure once the security has been located.  In some instances, transport fees are also applicable.  Transport fees are dependent on the size of the security and its location.


In some instances the asset is located in another jurisdiction from where it was initially purchased - this is why Bailiffs are always friends.  IRS is able to repossess any asset, across Canada

It would not be smart of course for a bailiff to charge you for driving from Vancouver to Calgary. For this reason we keep a very close relationship with many of Canadas major Bailiffs.  Should the asset be located in another jurisdiction, IRS will manage the task and make sure appropriate arrangements are made to secure the asset and locate accommodation.  All the costs of doing so are kept within budget and to the creditor’s instructions.




Our Bailiffs can cover all of British Columbia.


Yes. IRS can provide transport to deliver recovered assets to a designated location.


Yes we offer sales services and marketing for a Commission fee contingent upon the sale of the unit.


Yes. IRS will do repair man lien seizures providing the paperwork is correct and the lien was filed properly.


Yes. At IRS, we want our Clients to have the ability to recoup any unpaid billing and  to be aware of the correct process.